Wonder of the World: Ephesus-Library of Celsus 

May 9, 2016

Ephesus, Turkey. Modern day Selçuk was my first trip to Asia and my second wonder of the world.

The library was absolutely beautiful white columns stood in front with statues appearing to be garuding the library entrance. Which makrs sense since ol’ Celsus himself is buried under the library.

I found I enjoyed admiring the script that was etched into the stone on many of the structures. Not that I can read Greek, something about it was just fascinating to me. Keeping in mind this place was around 2,000 years old. I was amazed they had a written language.

Cleopatra and Marc Antony once roamed the streets of Ephesus sailing to shore from Egypt. Shore now 8 miles away was once only a mile or less. The grand entrance from the shore was beautiful a stone walk way lead to the grand arches at the entrance to Ephesus from the shore. Which was where we exited. Go figure.  Anyway, it lead you in to the amphitheater then on to the library.

I observed some very interesting bath houses and toilet houses for that matter. Which I was completely baffled by.

On to the market where a little Turkish man sold me the most stunning ring.  It all happened so fast and I should have haggled more, but it really was beautiful and still am happy I purchased it. The ring turns purple when inside light in shining on it and a gorgeous green in naturally light. Like I said it’s beautiful and I had to have it. Then took a picture with a camel and hopped back on the bus for my next adventure. The Turkish rug show….

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