Visit Ricks Cafe Jamaica

Wah Gwaan? (What’s going on in Patwah)

I loved traveling the coast of Jamaica. The views were exceptional and the coast continually changed from sandy beaches to rock face cliffs as we went along the coast.  Rick’s Cafe is built on a cliff over looking the Caribbean Sea.  The place was huge it had several bars, a swimming pool, a stage and three diving platforms and a hoard of little local boys who helped people out of the water after cliff jumping in hopes of a tip. I jumped from around thirty-five feet the waves crashing against the cove and rushing back out to sea made it I made new friends, JT and Mandy.  Mandy decided she was brave enough to jump off the fifteen foot platform. As she jumps she warns me she wasn’t the best swimmer.  She jumped in I didn’t see her pop up, another second went by, I still didn’t see her I jumped in found her at the top struggling for air. I held her up so she could get a breath.  It took everything in me to get her to where the boys could help out to the shore. I see why the local boys were there to help.  Definitely one of the scarier moments of my life.

We walked back up to restaurant for food an drinks and watched a local man dive from a tree limb around 60 feet high. Check out the video below. Then he scaled the rock face, did a handstand on the edge and dove BACK IN! Craziest thing I have ever seen. Yes, crazier then the time I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.


Live music stage doesn’t really get start till after dark.

Boats in the Caribbean watching the diving at Rick’s. They appeared to be from the Hedonism Resort down the way on Seven Mile Beach. Yikes!


If you’re thinking about visiting RICKS CAFE you definitely should!

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