Go To Floyd’s Pelican Bar

The day that began with a miserable, 3 hour directional disaster, ended up being one of the most unique experiences of my life… Serendipity at it’s finest.

What a cultural treasure to stumble upon. A tiki hut that seemed to sit on a foundation made of surrealism – casually lapping waves made up of a perfect mixture of exotic blues and greens, a color for which there is no truly adequate name, crashed gently upon the structure which was embedded firmly into the sandy earth beneath; a sand bar the location of which only Jah himself could have picked; perched effortlessly on top of a tropical coral reef, and only accessible by a thirty minute boat ride to what might as well have been the middle of the ocean.

Then suddenly, over the horizon we saw boats and people everywhere; hanging out and sipping Red Stripe as if this was an everyday occurrence. The water was clear to the bottom, which was only about four feet deep. It was perfect. We climbed the latter to the bar area covered in license plates ordered our red stripe and took a seat inside.

Once we were settled in I wandered out to the boardwalk area where I meet Henry; who was fishing. He told me that he worked on the hut 7 days a week with 8 other guys who all constantly work on the structure making sure it does not wash away. He then took out a knife and cut me a piece of fresh fish he just caught.  Sushi right? After that delectable treat I went back to the bar for another Red Stripe and a bowl of rice and fish; cooked this time.

We did some swimming and sun bathing with our friends AJ and Mamta whom we met the pervious day at Ricks Cafe. Then we got back on the boat with our captain, who hung out with us all day.

As we cruised back there was a storm  sneaking up on us. It was then a race against the looming storm as it approached. Finally we got back to shore after going 50 mph on choppy seas in s wood boat, I felt sea sick. We jumped off the boat, thanked our captain and we’re back on our way to Negril three hours north. Luckily, the way home was much better than the drive there directionally.

It was a great day at Floyds’s Pelican Bar and a must if you’re in Southwestern Jamaica.

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