Puerto Vallarta Adventures

Our second morning at the Riu Place Puerto Vallarta we booked our trip zip lining with Puerto Vallarta Adventures costing us $99 per person. They picked the three of us up the following morning at 8am from the hotel.    They bused us to a small exotic marina where we waited with our fellow zip liners to board the small inflated speed boats. We enjoyed a cocktail and took pictures with parrots. They call our number to board and we rushing to the dock. I grab my life rested and got on the boat. The small boat pulled out into the open sea. It was fabulous the wind in my hair and my life rest in my hand (not the best place for it). There weren’t rules in this place.

We cruised 60mph along the coast for about thirty minutes hanging on for dear life until we reached this beautiful cove with the smallest and cutest sea town I have ever seen.  The boat stopped about 30 yards from shore. They told us to jump in and swim to shore because the boat could not go any further because of sandbars.   I looked down saw schools of jelly fish everywhere. The captain of the boat told us to swim fast and use the waves to our benefit.  I jumped and swim as hard and as fast as I could.  A little disheveled and totally soaked by the time I got to shore I had to pee.  Why did I not go in the sea? Remember the jelly fish.. there was no time.  The guides showed us to a bathroom with an elderly woman sitting in front of the door collecting two pesos to use the facility (if you want to call it that) there wasn’t a toilet just a hole, but it’s all about the experience am I right?

We hiked uphill for 20 minutes through the town until we reach our Mercedes bus with two benches down each side and a canvas roof (pictured above). Erik loaded us up with harnesses and carabiners, posed for pictures with us and the tossed us one by one up into the bus. We traveled 25-30 minutes up a very steep mountain at one point thinking we were going to tumble backwards. The buses went as far up the mountain as possible. they dropped us with a group of donkeys. We were told to pick one and jump on.  I jumped up on Shorty and he started on his way.  He knew exactly were he was going and how he was getting there. Shorty took me thirty minutes up the mountain to almost the peak.  We hiked the peak (barely) ourselves.  Alex one of our guides gave us directions on how to break (in about three words) on the zip line one by one as we staggered up the peak.  I was second to go, I connected my carabiner to the zip and took off 60…70…80 miles per hour across a the huge canyon 300+ yards. WOW! That was exhilarating! We zipped, hiked, repelled, slashed, swam, climbed and slid our way back down the enormous mountain. At the end there was fresh fruit while we waited for our photos of our excursion. Back through the town and on to the speed boat we had just had the adventure of a lifetime.  So, if you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico go visit our friends at Puerto Vallarta Adventures it will definitely be worth it!



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